Vijay Shikshan Sanstha - an Institute for Hearing Impaired

The Foundation

In 1958, a young girl stepped timidly inside a door beckoned by a welcoming smile and the warm environs of a comfortable home. That child was hearing-impaired. The daughter of a housewife, she was left abandoned at home for lack of any other option available to the poor family.

But Mrs. Mainatai Ramchandra Gokhale saw otherwise. In the child she saw a future. A future where she would be able to stand on her own feet, a future where the child would be a source of pride for her parents and not a source of burden as she was then.

Single-handedly and without any educational equipment, Mainatai took upon herself to try and educate this hearing-impaired child. That was the beginning. Word spread and soon Mainatai’s home was the temple of the hearing-impaired. A Sapling became a tree.

SSC Toppers for the year 2015-2016.
Congratulations to all Students

Hindi Medium

Aman Singh78
Nawaz Hussain78
Pragati Singh78
Shubham Roy76
Puja Prajapati73
Aditi Jaiswal73
Owes Badare Aalam72
Punam Gautam72
Vinay Yadav70
Gautam Rohidas69
Sadik Khan67

Marathi Medium

Pritesh surve78
Chandarani Sagar76
Saurabh Makhajankar75
Gauresh Parab75
Louis Lobo67

Success Stories


Ashwini Pillai

Ashwini Pillai was student in Pragati Vidyalay till 4th std. She always stood first in the class.

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Anna Javir

Anna was enrolled in Pragati Vidyalaya in 5th Std. He completed his D. Ed. in craft from Sangali after S.S.C.

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Mrs. Nikita Jadhav

Mrs. Nikita Jadhav, our student from Sadhana Vidyalaya is proficient in art.

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